Anecdotes: Contents

Anecdotes / Contents

The word “anecdote” is generally defined as a brief, revealing account of a person, people or an incident with the truth often stretched as required for dramatic effect. In these writings any resemblance to real people, living or dead, or real events may or may not be intended and is, of course, open to interpretation. So feel free to take away from your reading as you see fit. Likewise, feel free to communicate any feedback via the link provided on the About page.

Doug, Bethlehem PA, December 4, 2020

12/04/20: Alter Boy – One lad’s journey from first communion to first disillusionment.
02/03/21: Blarney – After getting stood up, a misadventurous date nonetheless.
05/30/21: Dust To Dust – Things go from bad to worse in the desert.